Just the Facts


For my first post I thought I would give some general information on Gun Control before I start posting more in Depth examples.  In wake of the several shootings that have occurred recently in the United States people have been calling to a change in our current gun laws.  Before I explain some of the laws currently in place, Im gonna show some facts about gun ownership in the US.  Based on the most recent data collected in 2010,  the US population was 307 million people.  In the United States roughly 300 million firearms were sold.  Almost 20% of single adults owned firearms and 40% of household said they had a gun in the house.   In that same poll more the majority of those people who owned guns said they purchased them for protection against crime.

To acquire a firearm you must go through a process that is specific to the state that you are in.  States gun laws are divided into three classes “shall issue” “may issue” “no issue”.  This refers to whether or not a state will issue a qualified applicant a concealed weapons permit.  California falls under the “may issue” class.  However it is well known that california has very strict gun policies.  First and foremost, there is a ten day waiting period for your weapon.  The sale of automatic weapons and short barreled rifles are prohibited.  The buyer must pass a background check and may not purchase another until at least 3 months has passed.

I do not think that educated gun owners are doing anything wrong by purchasing weapons and keeping them safe.  I think that the laws that we have in place do keep us safe, but there is room for improvement.  With meetings being held in congress and people petitioning throughout the country Im sure good changes will come and responsible gun owners will not be penalized.


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