Whats to come?



After seeing and reading a lot of arguments about gun control in the United States I started to picture all of these proposed scenarios.  You have people on all points of the spectrum ranging from the banning of all guns to the legislation of all types of weapons.  These are the people, in my opinion, who are making coming to a final compromise much more difficult.  Members of the NRA used to promote gun safety and knowledge.  Now most of them are just firing back at those who want to change the system already in place.  Also some politicians are going about making change the wrong way.  For example using publicity stunts to convince the more influential citizens of their cause.  Both sides are causing a major tryst and widespread misunderstanding in the American public.


I believe that instead of just using the wake of the recent tragedies to promote your cause, use convincing arguments that use fact and expert opinions from an unbiased source.  Help the voters understand your cause by clearly stating intentions with plans on how to execute and explain the repercussions.  If the politicians can inform the public clearly than maybe there would not be people out there quoting the 2nd amendment incorrectly and others calling for a cease to all sales of firearms.  What you would get are people following an agreed upon set of laws to help govern the way we protect ourselves.


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