Check They’re Record!


One of the best ways our current laws have been able to protect the public from firearms getting into the wrong hands is background checks.  Throughout the country and its many different gun laws, all states check records of all applicants.  In my opinion ,the state of California is the best state to use an example of how this law can keep us safe.

Though it is hard to relate background checks to the success rate of a state’s gun laws, but it does show that the right steps are being taken.  What I can say is that California does have one of the lowest rates of gun deaths ranging from homicide to accidents.  It is one of the few states that is not making it impossible to buy guns, but making you register more items in your name.


California’s new proposed gun laws make it so that purchasing firearms and ammunition are more monitored.  Not only is your record being checked when you are buying a firearm, but also when you buy ammunition.  Other laws proposed like these  will make it so that deadlier ammo and firearms will not even be available for purchase.

With new laws coming and tougher restrictions being placed one thing should not be changed.  The constant checking of backgrounds is key to the constant halting of illegal gun sales.